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I posted this over on our wedding site: One Fine Day Studios, but wanted to share on my personal site as well.

In late February, I was elated to take engagement photos of my dear friend Amy and her fiancé Dan.  We headed to a charming town nestled in the hills of the Rogue River Valley called Rockford, Michigan – if you ever find yourself here you must stop at the  Rockford Brewing Company.  Needless to say we warmed up with a pint (or two)  after the photo session ?

Amy and I became friends quickly, bonding over Pinterest craft nights, a shared love of photography, and future dreams.  She’s a sweet soul who is genuine to her core, loves deeply, and radiates cheerfulness and I’m so thankful for our friendship.

I had only met Dan briefly last year when they were still dating so I was beyond excited to spend some extra time getting to know him on this year’s trip.  After a few fun and hilarious days of hanging out with them, I was sold.  His gentle spirit balances her energy and they compromise when needed.  There’s no expectations, no pressure.  Watching these two it’s clear to see there’s something amazing between them and I’m so glad they invited me to try and capture it.

So excited for you both!










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