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It was last year that I visited one of my oldest friends in her then-home in the Big Apple.  She and her husband, some of the most humble, genuine people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, had given birth the month prior to a sweet little baby girl named Lucy.  I affectionally call her “Lucy Boo.”  She was a tiny 5 pound gem and to hear her cooing and making those baby sounds was a salve which healed anything else that might have been troubling.  One of my favorite little behaviors from my short time with Lucy was how she would clench her fists into these tight little balls while she was feeding.  Almost as if she was saying “more please!”  haha see the photo below.

Here is a long-overdue post of their newborn photos that I took. Technically she wasn’t a newborn, but at 5 pounds and one month old she was tinier than most newborns.  Some of my favorites follow!



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