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This year I traveled to New York City for my birthday!  It was my first time in the Big Apple and I was excited.  Not only was I visiting a new place, but I was catching up with one of my closest friends, Heather, author of the blog Pastedreams.

New York City Skyline


The goal of the trip was to not only catch up with her and Michael (whom I hadn’t seen since visiting them in Japan in 2010), but to meet their 6 week old daughter Lucy – who I affectionately nicknamed “Lucy Boo.” I was able to capture some newborn photos of her as well – blog post to follow!


Heather & Sleeping Beauty


Aside from some much needed R&R time at their apartment in Brooklyn, we visited some of their favorite places in the city.  Heather took me out to brunch at a favorite restaurant of hers in Brooklyn called The Farm on Adderley, a restaurant dedicated to sustainable sourcing and named after the farm where all of its food comes from.  We both ate the poached eggs with parmesan grits and swiss chard.  I’ve never tasted a breakfast so magnificent.  I was in heaven.  We also shared an order of chocolate bread with sea salt – again PURE heaven.  Lastly, no breakfast is complete without a bloody mary and so we each enjoyed one…or maybe two….I can’t recall ;P

Lunch one day consisted of a trip to the infamous Grimaldi’s – a pizzeria in Brooklyn known for their coal fired pies.  Visit once and you’ll be sure to make it a stop on your next trip to town!


Birthday Brunch!
Fancy a Slice? Grimaldi's Pizzeria


Although I did bring my Nikon DSLR, I found myself taking more photos on my trusty dusty little iPhone.  She never lets me down!  In fact, all of my photos in this post were taken and edited with my iPhone.  I have an arsenal of photos that I took on my Nikon, but have yet to go through those!  Shame on me.


New York City Skyline


New York City


Lastly, we visited the 9/11 memorial.  It was a surprisingly emotional experience – that might make me sound heartless when I say “surprisingly emotional”, but I dot think of myself as somebody who normally gets all teary eyed at things.  Actually, my gut reaction is to smile, because I’m so uncomfortable ….yes…. funerals and hearing catastrophic news usually causes me to react…different than most people ;P  Regardless, it was worth the trip.  I think I went through more security than at the airport, but it was worth it.  I definitely recommend going at dusk when it’s lit up.  So elegant elegant and beautiful.



On the birth dates, white roses are placed beside those who lost their lives on 9/11.



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