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During the clean eating phases, I am eating a meal or snacking approximately every two hours.  Keep in mind I am drinking water and hot tea throughout the day.  So here’s what a typical day looks like for me (including what I may snack on) when clean eating in Phases 1 & 3:

7-8 am: Breakfast – Enjoy warm lemon water or cranberry tonic while getting ready for work.  Make & enjoy smoothie for breakfast during my commute.

10 am: Snack – (hard boiled egg with seas salt lightly sprinkled, veggies & hummus, brown rice tortilla wrap with almond butter spread inside – my favorite!!, etc…)

12-1 pm: Lunch – usually consisting of leftovers from the night before

3 pm: Snack – (possibly a master cleanse lemonade if I had time to mix one in the morning)

5-6 pm: Dinner

Happy cleansing!

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