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The week before I start a cleanse I am preparing myself.  As I mentioned in my previous post, meal planning is KEY to success on a cleanse.  In this post, I’ll provide some bare bones information & links to recipes.

In this 1st phase the diet is simple, but NOT lacking in flavor and satisfaction ;P  Focus on enjoying lean proteins, nuts, fruits, veggies, & non-gluten grains for nutrition.  The purpose of this phase is to get rid of any food sensitivities that add toxins to our bodies.

Read A Label –

 Since you want to avoid anything processed you’ll need to learn how to read a label, if you don’t already. I’m sure you do, but just in case here are the two things I look for:
  • Look for products that have 5 ingredients or less
  • If you can’t pronounce an ingredient – it’s crap!
  • If words like “enriched”, “bleached”, or “modified” appear – Put it down and walk away!

Seasonings –

This is an opportunity to really understand seasonings and how they can be used to avoid reaching for those salty sugary condiments we might normally use.  Get rid of that processed iodized table salt now and forever and replace it with sea salt.  You can find affordable sea salt at Target and Cub.

My favorite cleanse-friendly seasoning is a bit salty, but I love to flavor my foods with it: Bragg Liquid Aminos which is a healthy clean soy sauce substitute!  Amino Acids are key for repair and rebuilding our bodies so why not eliminate that crap La Choy and add in a healthy alternative which tastes identical?  When using the Liquid Aminos, I’ll sprinkle it on a bowl of brown rice and then I’ll add onions, tomatoes, cilantro, & garbanzo beans to the bowl.  I may add this mixture as a side to some chicken or I’ll throw it in a sheet of seaweed and make a delicious and benefit-packed seaweed wrap for lunch.
Side note on the Bragg brand  – it is pretty awesome.  I haven’t done the full research, but I’m pretty sure anything they sell is cleanse friendly.  They have a whole line of salad dressings and tasty beverages.  I find their stuff at Whole Foods, Cub, & Target.

Savvy Spender –

Okay, let’s get down and dirty for a moment.  Eating organic is not exactly cost-effective for those of us who haven’t quite “arrived” yet.  So when it comes down to it, do what’s best for you and wallet.  The bottom line is, there are plenty of fruits and vegetables that are okay to consume non-organically – so research and cut the spending where you can 😉

Recipe Links –

When I 1st started cleansing I lived on the Real Simple recipe site.  Keep in mind that not all of the recipe links below have foods that are cleanse friendly, but you should be able to come up with some substitutions.  If a recipe calls for spaghetti noodles, try brown rice pasta or maybe make some spaghetti squash!  I have a recipe for the latter on my Pinterest board below 🙂

Bon Appetit!

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