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Cleansing has tangible, measurable results. It ultimately leads to healthier and more efficient digestion, improved absorption of nutrients, healthier tissue for skin, hair and nails, better joint health, higher metabolism, stronger immune system, enhanced recovery and more!

– Corepower Yoga website

In early 2011, I embarked on a personal challenge through Corepower called a Seasonal Wellness Cleanse.  I wanted to take a more proactive and natural approach to taking care of my body. I was interested in understanding the effects that the chemical-laden processed foods I consumed, have on me.  I mean it’s pretty naive to think that all these chemicals aren’t going to manifest themselves in some way, right?

Prior to my first properly conducted cleanse the only cleanse I tried was some kind of ridiculous juice detox.  I lasted three hours and then ran to the nearest McDonald’s – needless to say the idea of a cleanse is pretty daunting.  Words like “hunger,” “miserable,” and yes…even the phrase “fml” are probably floating though your mind, but the whole idea behind a healthy good cleanse is that it’s not about restriction.  It’s about re-energizing your body, removing toxins, restoring your system, & nurturing it through the organic foods that your body was naturally designed to process.  Recognizing that the headache you have is maybe because you haven’t had enough water, and that anxiety you feel might be coming from the processed sugars you ingested last night.  Obviously, cleansing isn’t necessarily the “Jesus” to all of our problems in life, but it’s definitely not going to hurt your system.

So why am I deciding to blog about this?  1) I need to get my butt in gear and start blogging; 2) I quit smoking at the beginning of the year and for me this is a chance to help my body further recover from that addiction and reward myself – I want to document that success; 3) my good friend Bri is hesitantly dipping her toe in the water by joining me.  We both figured that blogging about it for each other would help us stay accountable.  It’s her first cleanse and I anticipate a few humorous postings on her site so check them out if you have time 🙂

So, back to business…

Cleanse Schedule –

Bri & I are doing an 11 day cleanse which will begin March 4th!!  I’ll be writing a detailed post on each phase prior to beginning the cleanse.  I’ll also be doing a post focusing on the beverages you can consume and a post on foods to eat with plenty of resources and recipes.  You might think that there’s no options, but I promise you’ll look at food and recipes in a new way and find yourself getting quite creative!

PHASE 1 – Days 1-4: Eat clean foods – nothing processed

PHASE 2 – Days 5-7: Liquids only – I call it the “broth phase” – consists of broths, smoothies, herbal teas, etc.

PHASE 3 – Days 8-11: Eat clean foods – nothing processed

BEYOND Day 11 – Re-introduction of dairy, corn, & processed foods.

What To Avoid –

  • Processed sugars & sweeteners – natural sweetener such as honey or Grade b maple syrup is ok 🙂
  • Coffee, caffeinated teas – liquid blog post to follow with good beverage ideas
  • Alcohol
  • Red meat
  • Corn
  • Wheat/Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Preservatives – packaged/processed foods – blog post to follow

How To Succeed –

Preparation is KEY!  I can’t stress this enough!  It’s important to prepare 2-3 meals ahead of your current meal.  We’ve all been there – we are starving, we don’t have dinner planned, and we grab the keys and head to Taco Bell.  Planning out your meals will make these moments of weakness less likely to happen – and trust me – once you start a cleanse you DON’T want to break it or come out of it improperly.  I did that once and woke up the next day – my face all puffy from the sudden sodium intake my body experienced after clean eating.  I looked completely ridiculous and I felt like that violet charachter from Willy Wonka.   Thank GOD I wasn’t dating anybody at the time!  haha

Also – and this is my favorite tip – eat!  Don’t let yourself go hungry and be miserable!  Listen to your body when it needs nourishment.

I’m NOT a cleanse expert, but I’ve got some details I’ll be sharing here over the next week that help me prepare.  Stay tuned!




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