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I have arrived!

I have arrived!

It’s come and gone now.   That ominous date that petrifies the twenty-somethings in our culture and makes those who have moved beyond it smile in memory.  That occasion where you become acutely aware that you are aging: 30.

I heard rumblings in the twitterverse that some kind of breakdown would strike me within the 72 hour period immediately prior to my 30th birthday.   The recommended remedy: alcohol and tissues.  I was armed with the necessary components to make an emergency dirty martini if needed, but no breakdown occurred…so I had a dirty martini to celebrate 😉

In the weeks leading up to the big 3-0, I had one plan of attack.  No – I wasn’t looking into freezing my eggs, buying mass Groupons for vein center treatments, or even wasting away on some Hollywood fad diet so that I could look 20 on the big day (fad diets to follow at a later date 😉  No no!  I was going to embrace my arrival to 30 and enjoy every minute of the celebration!  In fact, it was the best birthday I’ve ever had!  I felt so much love and so many blessings.  Thank you everybody for helping me celebrate!

Friend and blogger, Brianna Witte, wrote a post last month on her blog My Kind of Witty in which she shared her perspective on turning 30.  She reached out to friends and family and asked them for a bit of advice to help her through the transition.  I had so much fun reading what she shared that I followed her cue.

To follow is just a sampling of the many paragraphs of advice, wisdom, and warnings friends and family sent to help me prepare for the upcoming years.  I selected the bits that were thought-provoking or made me laugh.  Enjoy!

  1. Never trust anyone who likes Star Wars I-III more than Star Wars IV-VI. They have highly questionable taste. If it’s a child they get a pass, but not by much.
  2. You are coming into some of the best years of your life.
  3.  Don’t wash your car when the temp is below 10 degrees. It’s important to keep the whip lookin’ greezy an all that, but who wants frozen windows and locks?
  4. Remember, people are like cheese and wine. We get better with age. As long as we aren’t assholes, which you aren’t. 
  5. As Mike Tice would say, “Enjoy the season.”, or seasons for that matter. My Dad once told me he thought people who live in warm climates don’t deal with change well. He might be on to something. As a a Minnesotan I think change is in our blood, so embrace it!
  6. I heard a great quote from someone famous (can’t remember who): “You are all the ages you’ve ever been.”  So don’t feel like you’ve lost any of those years or lost who you are–all those years and experiences are inside you!
  7. Measure twice.  Cut once.
  8. Stay forever young.
  9. Live life everyday as if you were still 20!  But with more wisdom and better judgment.
  10. Embrace the life “you” design that is right for “you”  – never do what you think you “should” do.
  11. Drink good whiskey. Life is too short for cheap shit.
  12. Trust your gut and follow your dreams.
  13. Don’t work at some crappy-ass job like I did.
  14.  If the time comes when you are alone, try to remember these words from Maya Angelou:   “Solitude can be a much-to-be-desired condition.  Not only is it acceptable to be alone, at times it is positively to be wished for.  In silence, we listen to ourselves, and in the quietude, we may even hear the voice of God.”
  15. Make a decision and embrace it, do not look back or live in regret.
  16.  Whenever possible, select aisle seats at any event. Sports, concerts, Sesame Street on Ice, etc. Easy access to concessions and facilities will always make for a better night.
  17. Always see the glass as half FULL – staying positive is a choice and it breeds positivity in your life.
  18. I found that 31 is more difficult to comprehend than 30.  It means you have climbed the mountain and are now beginning the rapid descent toward 40.   I am sure that Einstein had a mathematical formula to explain why the time between decades seems to move much faster with each passing milestone.  Between birth to 10, a year represents a 10th or more of your life.  Between 30 and 40, each year represents a 30th or less of your life.  But don’t get too depressed, it does not mean your life is over, just means you need to enjoy life at a faster pace.
  19. Fact, your boobs will sag, but in your mid-30’s you hit your sexual prime so it’s the perfect excuse to go after the hard bodied young men!!
  20. Don’t watch too much reality tv. It’s easy to short change your own goals when stupid people make you feel like a genius.
  21.  Don’t let social media consume you with self absorption. It’s an awesome thing that allows to share with one another that we’re all pretty much going through the same things. It’s fun and I love it, be we shouldn’t all walk around like we’re stars in our own lives and everyone else is here to watch.
  22. Just be true to yourself and remember people will come and go but family will always be there.
  23. If there is something you want to do go for it because you only live once!
  24. Be secure in your decisions by respecting yourself and what you need in life, be true to yourself. It gets harder because the stakes are higher. Marriage, money, babies. All drastic life changes that will all work out if you continue to be true to who you are and what you can expect out of yourself.
  25. Never forget to laugh or love. My kids taught me this. Money comes, mostly it goes. Work sucks, blah blah blah. If you keep your family/friends full of love and laughter the rest of the BS just isn’t that important.
  26. Do the best you can with what you have and always remember you are loved.
  27. When I hit my 30s I started to realize my own mortality. But I was relieved I was not 40 yet.
  28. You will become much more easy-going with bedroom requests even if those same requests would have completely weird-ed you out in your early 20’s.
  29. Have Kids!!!  One, two…eight, as many you can handle.  They’ve taught me the deeper meaning of true love, keep me feeling young and quite frankly are probably why I am still alive today.  In the event you are unable to have kids…Adopt ‘em or teach ‘em!
  30. Life is Good…Fight for it and Enjoy it!
  31.  If someone asks you bottle or tap? Always go tap unless it’s cheap yellow beer, then go bottle.
  32. Trust yourself and don’t forget to take an occasional Leap of Faith!
  33. This decade will be more rewarding than the last, as long as you keep trying!
  34. Always leave room in your life for the God who made you, and remember to thank Him for all He has given you…and will continue to give you.

Winter “safari” self-portrait.

So what advice can a freshly turned 30 year old offer to those soon to follow in my footsteps?  Although I don’t have any life lessons for you at this point in the game, I say embrace turning 30!  If you choose not to fear it, it will be a wonderful and joyous memory.  Plan a fabulous party, buy an outfit that makes you feel AMAZING, and surround yourself with those who love you!

Thank you for stopping by my new site!  It’s been a project in the works for a while and working on it has given me such joy!  I’m not sure what this will all turn into, but I have a few ideas and hopes down the road…till that day, please stop by on a lazy Sunday morning, look around, and share your feedback with me 🙂


Below Photo: Was blessed to enjoy an adventurously cold January weekend in a camper cabin as a birthday gift!

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