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Twenty-nine rushed in, guns a blazin’ and with it brought a relationship renewed, an inspiring creative hobby, and outdoor adventures a plenty. They all found their way into my life and heart. As of the beginning of 2012, it had been a good six years since I last stepped foot in a state park to go camping, but that all went out the window one evening in late March when a handsome fellow asked me to go camping with him in May đŸ˜‰

Me in the tent

Me on one of the many summer camping adventures. August 2012. Photo by Jeremiah Cunningham

Little did I know it, but his invitation kicked off the most outdoorsy summer of my life. I found myself visiting 12 Minnesota State Parks, camping in 4 of them, and all within a five month period of time. I probably have a nest of birds nestled somewhere in my crazy mass of curls! These getaways brought me to some beautiful places in my home state. Places I was able to capture with my new Nikon DSLR.

Photographing a prairie sunset

Taking a photo of the prairie sunset at Blue Mounds State Park in Minnesota. May 2012. Photo by Jeremiah Cunningham

Photography has always been something I’ve loved playing with, albeit I’ve only had point and shoot cameras up till this year, but a camera is a camera and the creative opportunities one affords are exciting nonetheless. Last December I was playing with my iphone at dinner, staging my food for a photo opp (not a rare site) and a dinner guest asked me, “why don’t you get into photography?” Such a simple question, but for whatever reason I had never given that hobby any thought. Perhaps it was obvious in hindsight given the 100+ photo albums I had compiled on Facebook, however It was as if a light had been turned on and It was suddenly very clear where I wanted and desired to invest my time (and tax refund!)

Me shooting macro photography

Capturing the morning dew at Whitewater State Park. September 2012. Photo by Jeremiah Cunningham

Relaxing by the firelight and photographing sunsets all while getting to know a wonderful man made this easily one of the most memorable years of my life. It was a summer for the books! Or the blog in my case!

Me and Jeremy

Me and Jeremy. April 2012


Here’s hoping 30 is just as fabulous!



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