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Our first hearty Minnesota snowfall of the season has arrived!  Waking this morning, I found myself energized by the few inches of white fluffiness blanketing the ground so I hopped in my car for a drive along the Mississippi River.

Snowy Tree-Lined Street

A Snowy Tree-Lined Street in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The biggest treat of the morning was spotting a Red-Tailed Hawk stoically sitting on a branch overlooking the river.  He appeared very majestic, silently overseeing the snow fall like a guardian of this great river.  Apathetically, he watched me as I photographed him from various angles.  Granted I couldn’t capture him as I would have liked, but I felt so blessed to see such a beautiful animal in this proximity.


Red-Tailed Hawk

Spotted: A Red-Tailed Hawk Along the Mississippi River


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