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Beer at Sunset

Enjoying a Summit during a prairie sunset at Glacial Lakes State Park. July 2012.

A warm humid breeze presses the thick strawberry blonde curls close to my neck, an unwelcome union while in the midst of a sunny late afternoon hike in Minnesota’s golden prairie.   Camera in hands, silently I stalk a skittish dragonfly deftly perched on a swaying stalk of tall golden grass.  I gently press down the shutter-release and the camera clicks away in response.  Taking pause, I look up from the viewfinder, shade my eye, and savor the beautiful landscape nature has painted before me.  The only way to adequately enjoy a moment such as this is by savoring an ice cold refreshing beverage!

Summit at Sunset

Summit at sunset at a lookout point in Sibley State Park. July 2012

Aside from the handsome company I bring camping, I also make sure to pack necessities like tasty drinks 😉  My beverage of choice varies depending on the circumstances I find myself in.  Sitting by a campfire on a chilly evening or just for the sake of tradition, I select a shot of Jameson to suit the moment.  If I’ve been out hiking in the summer heat I can’t go wrong with the ever classic St. Paul brewed Summit EPA.

Jameson & Fall Colors

Jameson & the Fall Colors at Great River Bluffs State Park. October 2012

My favorite thing about these alcohol-accompanied moments are the photo opps they invite.  It quickly became a theme this past summer to stage drink photos.  I like to capture the mood or the tone of an event and all the details that add to the experience – whether that means photographing a flower in the prairie or a beer at sunset.

Negra on a Beach

A hot day and a cold beer. Afton State Park. July 2012

Next time you find yourself sitting next to a toasty campfire, have reached a lookout point, or are lying on a blanket under the stars…remember that these moments are best enjoyed with a handsome man, good conversation and a sip of that refreshing little something special that warms the cockles of your heart!

Me and my Negra

Me and my Negra Modelo during a little lunch break mid-hike @ Whitewater State Park.




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